Initative is doing right things without being told.

With every initiative we take,we owe responsibility to make society bettered, imapcting individual, corporate and other partners.

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With Mintlime you can grow your business with our partner network using simple and automated solution and ongoing event & partner support.

Employment & Employability

Increase your business with traffic from multiple channels and event

Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment

Now it is easy to reach hyper local to global market with the help of Mintlime

Digitization & Digitalization

Minimize operational expenditure with our resource and technology support

Travel & Tourism

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Simple and digital solution to operate your business easily to increase user

Trade & Commerce

Mintlime's partnership initiatives across industry to increase occupancy and sale

Welfare/Care Services

Continuous awareness and education to upgrade and grow fast

Infotainment & Communications

Business inclusiveness to increase loyal customer base through alliances and

Past Eevents

Upcoming Projects

Sponsors & co-organizers

What client says about us?

Mintlime is an initiative driven by qualified consortium to further, nurture & strengthen EEMP Industry through multidimensional seamless collaboration for collective gain & win customer sustenance & delight.

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