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Mintlime is looking to have strategic win-win partnerships.

The best meetings and events are the culmination of hundreds of details and efficient coordination with a variety of vendors who are specialists in their respective fields. We have brought them all together here. Want to explore the possibility of becoming Mintlime partner?

  • Professional Exposure

    Heighten your professional skills, showcase your talent, demonstrate thought leadership or drive new business,Mintlime offers its partners unique and unrivalled opportunities to reach potential business.

  • Right Platform for you

    Put your ideas and concepts in execution through various in-house and client's projects of Mintlime. You will be seen through various elements of the event management skills that will open more opportunities for you..

  • Increase your reach and exposure

    Events don’t just have the audience in the room, world is the limit. Increase your reach through our marketplace and gain exposure by joining Mintlime in its in-house projects.

  • We are your extention!

    Mintlime is an extension of your own sales team. Our promotional services help you get more leads, save your time and money in searching for new leads and clients.

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